I look forward to working with you and your spiritual needs.

I am JayDee, who has been a spiritual worker for over 15 years, training in Hoodoo and Folk Magic. A graduate of Lucky Mojo Curio Company and a proud moderator of the forum. The assistant to Miss Aida, a well-established and published author of Hoodoo. Experience working with Saints, Exorcisms, Cord-cutting, love, luck, court case, and baneful workings. I have been reading Tarot for over 20 years. I was raised in both the Catholic and Protestant traditions, living in the Detroit area in the local Hoodoo culture!

The spiritual shop specializes in authentic Hoodoo items, made according to the customs and traditions, prayed over, and faith-based work. All items use the highest quality herbs and curios, which are reputed to affect both the physical and spiritual levels. Candle preparation: dressing, carving, and stuffing to the desire of the client. Specialize in preparing figures, votive and chime candles, offer to ship or burn on our altar. Other
services include Mojo hands, Doll-babies, handcrafted spiritual baths, condition oils, mirror boxes, blessing, love work, cursing and crossing, break up if a reading justifies the work. A spiritual reader who excels in using the Tarot to help clients with questions and needs to improve their condition. Strong working relationships with Saints, St. Michael, St. Jude, St. Expedite, St. Anthony. Other work available upon request.